Patients will receive a questionnaire to fill in prior to their consultation. This is to help us to understand your lifestyle, symptoms and ascertain stress levels.

New patients will have a 45 minute consultation during which our doctor will take a history, discuss hormones, vitamins, minerals, diet and carry out a clinical examination. Cervical smears can be taken, if requested.

After initial consultation, we may require a 24 hour urine sample and blood tests.


Following on from the initial consultation, patients will be seen three weeks later for a 30 minute follow up appointment to discuss their test results and decide a course of treatment if required.

We may advise a repeat visit and further blood tests after four to five months to monitor the outcome of treatment if initiated.

A patient is required to come in for an annual review if any treatment is started. This is a legal requirement.


Female health check – 45 min £175
Male health check – 45 min £175
New patient consultation – 45 min £175
Consultation (follow up) – 30 min £95
Consultation (follow up) – 15 min £50
GP consultation – 30 min £95
Telephone consultation – 15 min £50
Repeat prescription without consultation £25
Blood and urine tests From €90 to €520*
* Prices may fluctuate due to international exchange rate


We welcome all general practice patients to our clinic and believe no symptom is too minor to discuss.

Patients to our clinic do not need to be referred by their GP.

We offer a free phlebotomy service to our patients. For our international laboratories, bloods and urine need to be collected on Monday to Wednesday, between 7:30am and 9:00am.

We work with the best national and international specialist laboratories for our investigations. Patients will settle accounts directly with these laboratories. Please note we have no financial gain for requesting any investigations.

We are registered as a general practice service. Patients should check with their insurance for cover. We will be referring for specialist testing such as mammograms, ultrasounds, DEXA scans where needed. Private medical insurance should cover these investigations where requested. However, private medical insurance will not cover blood and urine investigations at our partner laboratory in Belgium.

Private prescriptions are often more affordable than people think. In many cases a drug that is prescribed on a private basis is less than the cost of an NHS script.

We focus on bio-identical hormones but, depending on the individual patient, will prescribe the correct drug for the clinical scenario.

If you have any recent blood results from your Doctor, please bring them along to the consultation.